Brick Veneer Services

With four decades of experience providing commercial brick veneer services, Frazier’s brickwork can be seen on such high-profile projects such as the Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas’ Symphony Park, Mammoth Lakes Courthouse, St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center in Twin Falls, Idaho, USC Caruso Catholic Center in Los Angeles, and the University of Nevada, Reno’s award-winning, LEED silver structure, the Davidson Mathematics and Science Center.

Frazier’s masons helped clad these and many other buildings throughout California and Nevada in traditional brick for an attractive and timeless look, added value and cost savings. Walls constructed in this manner have several advantages over solid masonry:

  • Shorter installation time with less labor required
  • Significantly lighter weight resulting in savings in foundations and structural support
  • Structural framing or masonry backup can be erected first to allow the rest of the building structure to be completed concurrently with the outer veneer
  • Increased thermal performance when including insulation in the cavity wall
  • Creation of a drainage plane, allowing water to be directed outside the building

Brick Veneer Projects

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NW Satellite Transportation Facility - Las Vegas, NV
Thanks again for all of your efforts. It makes me proud to see we still have Masons that still take pride in their work!
- Dennis McCown - CQC Manager - Soltek Pacific Construction

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